Vuma Fibre Reach provides fast, reliable, unlimited internet access in areas that previously never had fibre access, at an affordable price. Get unlimited access to the internet for WhatsApp calling, streaming, gaming, online learning, working from home and so much more.

Vuma Fibre Reach offers great value for your money. From only R399 you get unlimited internet access for the whole month. With a fibre connection you are assured of a strong, reliable connection which works all day long where you can connect up to 10 wi-fi devices at the same time.

What does it cost?
You have the choice of two packages to suit all needs:

  1. For only R399 pm you get a dedicated 20 Mbps download, 10 Mbps upload line. This is great for most families who want to stream and work from home.
  2. For only R549 pm you get a dedicated 40 Mbps download, 10 Mbps upload line. This is even better when you have many users wanting to be online all at the same time.

Payment can be made once every 30 days using EasyPay on a month to month basis. Alternatively load your debit or credit card details and you will then have an always on connection where your card is debited every month automatically through Payfast.

Installation, activation and the use of the wi-fi router (ONT) are all free

Once your first payment has been made, installation can take up to 14 days. A Vuma representative will contact you to make an appointment for the installation. Physical installation at your property can take between 2 – 4 hours depending on the set up of your property.

To get connected to Vuma Fibre Reach, follow these easy steps:

Go to
Enter the address where you want the service installed to check if there is coverage in the area.
Choose the package and your preferred payment option.
Upload your ID document for RICA purposes.
Confirm your purchase and make your payment.

Once payment has been made, Vuma will contact you to arrange for your installation and activation.

Vuma is continuously working on extending their Vuma Fibre Reach coverage areas. Should you currently not have coverage in your area, simply enter your address here: and one of our sales agents will contact you as soon as your area is ready for Vuma Fibre Reach.

With Vuma Fibre Reach you are not locked into long term contracts so you can easily change your internet service provider. To change to SADV, go to, and place your order. Alternatively, contact us at 086 110 4000 and we will help get you connected as fast as possible

After installation of Vuma Fibre Reach has been completed you will be sent an SMS with your wi-fi name and password. To connect to the Internet, simply open your device’s wi-fi settings select the Vuma Reach wi-fi network name and enter your password to connect. You can setup up to 10 devices this way.

Tip – remember to keep this wi-fi name and password safe to prevent unauthorised access to your internet connection.

If you sign up for the monthly recurring package, payment is made monthly via your credit or debit card automatically.

If you sign up for the 30 day access package, payment can be made by taking the EasyPay Reference number that is given to you on signup to any selected EasyPay outlet or by using the EasyPay App. You can also use Payfast to make payment on the 30 day once off package.

30 Day once off subscription

Subscribe by purchasing a voucher after every 30 days, via the EasyPay or Payfast payment method. You’ll be sent a reminder to renew your subscription a few days before your 30-day subscription runs out. When you renew your 30-day subscription, it can take up to 24 hours to activate. You can load up to 6 vouchers at one time, and once your 30-day subscription expires, your next voucher will automatically be activated.

Monthly recurring subscription

If you select the monthly recurring subscription, you don’t have to manually renew your subscription when it expires. The fee will be automatically deducted from your credit or debit card, using the PayFast payment method provided that there are sufficient funds in your card.

You can move from the monthly recurring to the 30-day package at any time. You will be charged a pro rata fee when you change your package. If you want to move from the 30-day to the monthly recurring, you have to wait for your 30-day package to end before you can migrate to the monthly recurring package. To update your payment plan, go to

You can only cancel your 30-day package once your subscription has expired.

If you have a monthly recurring package, you need to give SADV two weeks’ notice to cancel your package.

Retrieve your wi-fi password via the SADV My Account application, under accounts and services. Here you will be able to change the password should you want to. The wi-fi name cannot be changed.

You are not able to move your Vuma Fibre Reach. If you are moving to a location where there is coverage simply apply for the service at your new place.

Here are some steps you can take:

  • Make sure the ONT is powered on and the lights are green.
  • Ensure that you are using the correct Wi-Fi username and password when accessing your service.
  • Note that you can only connect up to 10 devices, simultaneously to Vuma Reach Fibre.
  • Check that you are not too far away from the ONT and that you have good wi-fi signal strength.
  • Check to see if you have paid your access for the month. If not, purchase access and try again.
  • If all else fails, you can reach us at any time to help you restore your Vuma Reach Fibre service.

You can run a speed test on our My Account Application. Simply log in and click on Help > Speed Test.  Ensure that you are close enough to the ONT and that there are not too many users online. Should all 10 devices be busy streaming large amounts od data, the download speeds will be affected.

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© 2023 SA Digital Villages. All rights reserved